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For help with all drainage problems from a simple blockage and major repairs speak to Chris and the team on 0161 286 9903.  We offer a 24 hrs & 7 Day a week service from just £65…

Fast and friendly help from a REAL local drainage company based next to the motorway in Urmston to cover the whole Northwest fast.

Cost of Drain Unblocking Manchester

Unblock Drains in Stretford

Got a blocked drain in Stretford?  We are five minutes away in Urmston near the motorway and can be there quickly to help out.

Fast service with fair and honest pricing, we will explain fully any work the engineer needs to do so you can be sure that you are getting the service tat you are paying for.

We work all over Manchester and Cheshire on home and residential jobs from a simple blocked drain to a major repair or replace.

Unblock Drains in Stretford

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Fast Drain Companies Manchester 24hr

Looking for fast reliable drainage companies who offer a 24 hr service?

Look no further than www.manchesterblockeddrains.co.uk.  We are based in Manchester (unlike some other Manchester blocked drain companies we have seen) and can be on hand for fix your problem quickly and with the minimum of fuss.

Try us out for service and price, you will not be disappointed.


Fast Drain Companies Manchester 24hr

Trafford Drainage Companies

Looking for a Trafford Drainage Company?

We cover:






Old Trafford



and many many more.  Office, warehouse, home or business we can help.

Didsbury Drainage Company

We don’t just cover Manchester, we travel across the Northwest to help our clients.  We often work in areas like Didsbury, Altrincham and Hale as well as many others.

For a commercial or home drains we can help.



Drainage Companies Covering Manchester

We are based in Urmston to cover Manchester and the surrounding areas with speed and efficiency.

We have worked on the some of the following projects in the last 12 months:

Blocked drains Urmston

Manchester blocked drain

Blocked restaurant drain in Rusholme

Blocked toilet in Davyhulme

Drain repair in Stretford

Manchester Blocked Drain Companies

When you want a drain unblocking in Manchester then you need to speak to drainage company in Manchester.  Don’t be dragging the others down from Wigan or Bury, diesel costs money and someone has to pay it.

Speak to a real Manchester drains company about your problem, we can be on hand quickly to sort out your issue at a fair rate


Manchester Blocked Drain Companies

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Drain Companies Covering Manchester

We are from Manchester and in Manchester, that is why we are Manchester Blocked Drains.co.uk.  Sound stupid?  Well many of the so called local companies you call are no more than call centres taking details of your job and then  farming it out to out of area companies who then do the work. Do you think they work for free?  The person who pays the price is you either through higher fees or poor quality workmanship.

We are next to the motorway in Urmston that means we can be across town very quickly. Call or email us today for advice or a quote.

Fast Drain Unblocking in Manchester

Best Drainage Companies in Manchester Area

Many people are often overwhelmed when they look online for the Best Drainage Companies in the Manchester Area.  With so many to choose from it can often be very confusing.

One of the main reasons people get confused is that you can often ring a Manchester number but not be speaking to someone in Manchester. Many are simply call centres that take details of your job, add a fee and then pass it to a local company on your behalf.

When you call us you’ll speak to one of our team directly who actually know about drains! They won’t be taking notes to pass to other they will answer your questions directly and give you an accurate diagnosis and quote on your work.

Give us a try and get in touch today.

Best Drainage Companies in Manchester Area


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Drain Jetting Manchester

Looking for drain jetting in Manhester?  Let Manchester Blocked Drains provide you with an expert service.  The very latest high powered equipment can get your drains clean quickly and our equipment is operated safely by fully trained professional staff.

Call us today and let’s get you sorted.  Free estimate and no callout fee.

Best Drainage Companies in Manchester

When you want a job doing, you want it doing fast, you want it doing once and you want it doing for the right price.  If you are looking for the Best Drainage Companies in Manchester then you need to look no further than Manchester Blocked Drains.co.uk.  We are actually based in Manchester, not a UK call centre that will take your call and then try and find you a contractor with their cut on the top.

When you call us you speak directly to the team who will understand your issue and the best way to fix it.


Fast Drain Unblocking in Manchester